React Native Component ImageEdit allows you to edit Images inline for Cropping

React Native ImageEdit .This React Native component ImageEdit allows you to edit images inline for cropping. This component will provide you all the measurements you need for cropping so you can finish up with the cropping from a server or from other sources.


npm install react-native-imageedit --save



Simple Usage


import ImageEdit from 'react-native-imageedit'


  image="" //Image uri
  onSave={info => console.log(info)}


  width={400} //Crop area width
  height={300} //Crop area height
          uri :"", 
          width: 1000, 
          height: 500
  onSave={info => console.log(info)}

//OR for custom buttons

    image="" //Image uri
    ref={ref=>this._imageEdit = ref}
    <TouchableOpacity onPress={()=> console.log(this._imageEdit.getInfo())}>
        <Text>Custom Button</Text>


Prop Type Description
width Number Crop area width. Default: window width
height Number Crop area height. Default: window width
image Object, String Image object or uri string. Required
editing Bool Editing mode. Default: false
cropIn Bool Allow to crop smaller that the crop area. Default: false
showEditButton Bool Show edit button. Default: true
showSaveButtons Bool Show save buttons. Default: true
showGrids Bool Show grids while editing. Default: true
containerStyle Object Component container style
areaStyle Object Crop area container style
gridStyle Object Grid line style
gridColor Object Grid line color
buttonsColor String Buttons color
onEdit Func Edit button onPress callback
onSave Func Save button onPress callback. Will pass cropping info object as argument
onCancel Func Cancel button onPress callback


Method Description
enable() Switch to editing mode
disable() Disable editing mode
getInfo() Returns cropping info object

Cropping Info Object

    area: {
        width: 500,
        height: 400
    image: {
        uri: "",
        width: 800,
        height: 650,
        x: -100,
        y: -55

You will need this data for image cropping from server or other places. Hopefully in the future we will be able to crop the images right from this component.

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Author: kaddyadriano


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React Native Component ImageEdit allows you to edit Images inline for Cropping
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