OpenGait: Python Framework for Flexible and Extensible GaitRecognition

OpenGait is a flexible and extensible gait recognition project provided by the Shiqi Yu Group and supported in part by WATRIX.AI.

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Our Publications

  • [CVPR 2023] LidarGait: Benchmarking 3D Gait Recognition with Point Clouds, Paper, Dataset and Code.
  • [CVPR 2023 Highlight] OpenGait: Revisiting Gait Recognition Toward Better Practicality, Paper, Code.
  • [ECCV 2022] GaitEdge: Beyond Plain End-to-end Gait Recognition for Better Practicality, Paper, Code.

A Real Gait Recognition System: All-in-One-Gait


The workflow of All-in-One-Gait involves the processes of pedestrian tracking, segmentation and recognition. See here for details.

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Getting Started

Please see We also provide the following tutorials for your reference:

Model Zoo

Results and models are available in the model zoo.


Open Gait Team (OGT)



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Note: This code is only used for academic purposes, people cannot use this code for anything that might be considered commercial use.

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OpenGait: Python Framework for Flexible and Extensible GaitRecognition
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