The past few months, we’ve covered various Terraform and DevOps concepts through our blogs.

After we published our article on “Terraform Templates”, we had questions like — ” Why should I use a Terraform template?” In simple terms, our answer would be: to spin off your infrastructure on the cloud as code, in a simple and efficient manner. But, is it really that simple?

We believe the topic deserved an entire blog to fully explain why Terraform templates are a necessity.

A Brief Background on Terraform Templates — IT Infrastructure? Why not code it?

Remember when IT infrastructure was set up manually? Engineers had to physically get and configure the hardware as per their OS. They would then have to deploy their application on these servers. It was probably around 2 decades ago, a time when most of us at InfraCode had not even started working in IT. But, as the size of infrastructure kept growing, they had to add more servers and more hardware in order to continue supporting their applications. This meant more physical space was required, more manual work, and maintenance that just kept getting crazier.


Why Use A Terraform Template?
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