One of the quickest evolving branches in computer science, AI (short for artificial intelligence) focuses on the concept of developing machines and algorithms which are able to simulate human thinking. Even though its implementations were few and far between in the recent past, it has since found its uses in many different areas.

The main benefits of AI are related to its learning concept – the more data is fed to it, the more accurate it becomes. This makes it perfect for automated tasks that require precision since they can’t get tired or worn out as humans can.

On the other hand, its largest con is the high cost of implementation, especially for inexperienced users. However, AI’s capability of processing large amounts of data made it quite popular in the branch of web development; mostly due to the following five reasons:

1. It Speeds Up Searches

When you type something into a search engine, the backend has to analyze the words and return the most relevant results. To make this as efficient as possible, companies such as Google implement AI-based ranking algorithms which serve to create the most optimal list from a number of different possibilities. Machine learning plays a large role here since the algorithm itself improves as more and more users run different searches.

Besides that, the autocomplete predictions which you see when you start typing something is also filtered by AI. For example, typing a single “Y” letter in Google search brings out “Youtube” as the first recommendation, since that’s what people search for the most as determined by the algorithm. Because of AI, you rarely have to go past the first page when you search for something – without it, it would be a whole different story.

2. It Improves Customer Experience

When your website offers a service/product to the customer, AI is an irreplaceable addition. If they need some assistance, AI is available 24/7. If they want a good product recommendation, AI is able to generate one according to their past purchases and preferences. It’s a tried and tested way to make consumers happy, and it helps companies gain an insight into their customer base.

Furthermore, AI chatbots are becoming more relevant than ever before. The days of having to wait for hours or even days for a customer service agent to become available are long gone. Now, with the pre-recorded scenarios and different implemented solutions, more than 90% of the problems can be resolved with no human interaction.

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Artificial Intelligence Implementations in Web Development
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