A feature-rich Portal Plugin for Vuejs


A Portal Component for Vuejs, to render DOM outside of a component, anywhere in the document.

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For more detailed documentation and additional Information, please visit the docs.

Looking for version 1.*? Docs for version 1 are here


npm i portal-vue

# or

yarn add portal-vue
import PortalVue from 'portal-vue'


<portal to="destination">
  <p>This slot content will be rendered wherever the <portal-target> with name 'destination'
    is  located.</p>

<portal-target name="destination">
  This component can be located anywhere in your App.
  The slot content of the above portal component will be rendered here.

Nuxt module

Add portal-vue/nuxt to modules section of nuxt.config.js

  modules: ['portal-vue/nuxt']

Download Details:

Author: LinusBorg

Demo: https://portal-vue.linusb.org/

Source Code: https://github.com/LinusBorg/portal-vue

#vuejs #vue #javascript

A feature-rich Portal Plugin for Vuejs
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