Have you heard of polyglot coders? They are those code developers who know more than one programming language. They are really in high demand in 2021. Many job interviewers look for them because they are the odd ones, who can cover other technologies. New technologies arrive every year, and one language is often not enough to implement what is required.

A new language will give you space to be further creative with your code since all of them have different concepts and cool new features to play with. Moreover, it can open new doors in your career and become a ticket to the best projects and teams.

In this article, you will find three programming languages Java developers should learn in 2021 and the reasons why. There is no surprise that all of these programming languages are JVM-based but they all have different qualities that make them unique and useful for a certain task.


Go From Simply a Java Programmer to Polyglot Coder with These JVM Languages
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