Best UI Frameworks for ReactJS

1. Bulma UI Framework for React

rbx is a comprehensive library of React components for Bulma 0.7.2.

Bulma UI Framework for React


  • up-to-date Bulma implementation (0.7.5)
  • written with TypeScript 3 for React 16
  • well tested and documented
  • extensive customization support
  • quite unopinionated, if you ask me
  • very simple to get started

Read the docs:
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2.Tokopedia React Development Kits

Tokopedia React Development Kits - Yet another React framework
Tokopedia React Development Kits

Learn more on our documentation.
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3.React Presents

React slideshow framework.

React Presents

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4.choo architecture for preact

Ever wondered what would happen if preact and choo got a baby?

Welp, wonder no longer - here’s the answer. Full on choo architecture plus a couple preact goodies like h() and components. No JSX, only template strings via hyperx. But you can use JSX if you want to. We even get almost all of the React ecosystem through preact-compat

choo architecture for preact

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Catalog lets you create beautiful living and fully interactive style guides using Markdown and React components.

Please read the Catalog documentation (built with Catalog!) for detailed installation and usage instructions.


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Pluggable enterprise-level react application framework.



  • package Out of box,built-in react、react-router, etc
  • football Next.js like and full featured routing conventions, also support configured routing
  • tada Complete plugin system, covering every lifecycle from source code to production
  • rocket High performance, support PWA, route level code splitting, etc via plugin
  • barber Support static export, adapt to various environments, such as console app, mobile app, egg, Alipay wallet, etc
  • bullettrain_side Fast dev startup, support enable dll and hard-source-webpack-plugin with config
  • tropical_fish Compatible IE9, based on umi-plugin-polyfills
  • maple_leaf Support TypeScript, including d.ts definition and umi test
  • palm_tree Deep integration with dva, support duck directory, automatic loading of model, code splitting, etc

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A progressive React serverside-rendering framework.

I love using Next.js, but most of my projects need to use our own web server framework while Next.js run it own server. So I begin making a SSR framework (core) that like Next.js but open for server implementation. It does all the building, compiling, rendering-to-string things and give the rest render-to-html things to your own web server.

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Evergreen React UI Framework by Segment


Works out of the box. Evergreen contains a set of polished React components that work out of the box.

Flexible & composable. Evergreen components are built on top of a React UI Primitive for endless composability.

Enterprise-grade. Evergreen features a UI design language for enterprise-grade web applications.

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9.React Konva

React + Canvas = Love. JavaScript library for drawing complex canvas graphics using React.

React Konva

React Konva is a JavaScript library for drawing complex canvas graphics using React.

It provides declarative and reactive bindings to the Konva Framework.

An attempt to make React work with the HTML5
canvas library. The goal is to have similar declarative markup as normal React
and to have similar data-flow model.

Currently you can use all Konva components as React components and all Konva
events are supported on them in same way as normal browser events are supported.

You can even inspect the components in React dev tools.


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Fela is a small, high-performant and framework-agnostic toolbelt to handle state-driven styling in JavaScript.

It is dynamic by design and renders your styles depending on your application state.

It generates atomic CSS and supports all common CSS features such as media queries, pseudo classes, keyframes and font-faces. Fela ships with a powerful plugin API adding e.g. vendor prefixing or fallback value support.

Fela can be used with React or with any other view library. It even supports React Native

State-Driven Styling in JavaScript
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11.React Polymorph

React Polymorph is a UI framework for React, that separates logic, markup and theming of components. It’s inspired by react-toolbox (but more flexible), powered by CSS Modules and harmoniously integrates with your webpack workflow, although you can use any other module bundler.

React Polymorph

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12.Admin on rest

A frontend Framework for building admin applications running in the browser on top of REST services, using ES6, React and Material Design. Open sourced and maintained by marmelab.

Admin on rest


  • Adapts to any REST backend
  • Complete documentation
  • Optimistic rendering (renders before the server returns)
  • Relationships (many to one, one to many)
  • Internationalization (i18n)
  • Conditional formatting
  • Themeable
  • Supports any authentication provider (REST API, OAuth, Basic Auth, …)
  • Full-featured Datagrid (sort, pagination, filters)
  • Filter-as-you-type
  • Supports any form layout (simple, tabbed, etc.)
  • Data Validation
  • Custom actions
  • Large library of components for various data types: boolean, number, rich text, etc.
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Customize dashboard, menu, layout
  • Super easy to extend and override (it’s just React components)
  • Highly customizable interface
  • Can connect to multiple backends
  • Leverages the best libraries in the React ecosystem (Redux, redux-form, redux-saga, material-ui, recompose)
  • Can be included in another React app
  • Inspired by the popular ng-admin library (also by marmelab)

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13. React LDS

react-lds provides React components for the Salesforce Lightning Design System.

React LDS

Lightning Design System:

14.React Components

Collection of general React components used in buildo projects.

React Components

Its purpose is to give access to all these components through a single npm dependency so to improve the development experience and make eventual changes of library easier, faster and centralized.

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A ReactJS-based Presentation Library.

Looking for a quick preview of what you can do with Spectacle? Check out our live Demo Deck here.

Have a question about Spectacle? Submit an issue in this repository using the “Question” template.


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Framework for server-rendered or statically-exported React app

17.Reazy Framework

Reazy is a bare bones pluggable JavaScript framework which helps you get started with your React and React Native project quickly. It is a service-based framework inspired from FeathersJS.

Reazy Framework

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A collection of essential UI components written with React.

Zent ( \ˈzent\ ) is a React component library developed and used at Youzan. Zent provides a collection of essential UI components and lots of useful domain specific components.

We have more than 50 components for now and we’re releasing more.

Our goal is making React development faster and simpler.



  • High quality React components
  • Builtin TypeScript support
  • Supports custom themes
  • Import JavaScript and styles only if they are used
  • Handmade icon font

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19. Relay-visual-learners

Relay is a new framework from Facebook that promises to simplify a problem complex enough that the simplification is rather complex in itself.

I tend to learn things better when I can see how things fit together, so I made this interactive diagram that attempts to explain how Relay’s various parts fit together.

This diagram itself is a small react app using css-modules and webpack. You can clone this repo and run npm start to load up a hot loading dev environment.


Live demo

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Best UI Frameworks for ReactJS
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