Learn Python for analytics with Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib and Seaborn! Python is a high-level programming language, with basic syntax, very much similar to the English Language. Python programming language is extensively used for the purpose of data analytics, and what makes it extremely versatile to work with is the multitudes of libraries it presents, which is exactly why it is a supremely popular programming language with huge amounts of people learning it every day.

Great Learning brings you this full course on Python For Analytics to help you understand everything you need to know about some of the popular Python libraries and getting started on the journey to learn about them well. During the course of the video, we discuss four popular Python libraries popularly used for the purpose of data analysis, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib and Seaborn.

Topics covered in this video:

  • 2:10 - Agenda
  • 3:11 - Numpy
  • 39:30 - Pandas
  • 1:04:02 - Matplotlib
  • 1:50:56 - Seaborn
  • 2:31:00 - IPL Project
  • 3:15:00 - Fifa Project
  • 4:28:53 - Covid-19 Project
  • 5:04:21 - Python Interview Questions
  • 6:14:00 - Data Science Interview Questions

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Python for Analytics Full Course for Beginners | Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn
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