Mobile AI apps give businesses the ability to analyze data, allowing them to provide more engaging and personalized user experiences.

Artificial Intelligence is possibly the most loved and dreaded innovation at the same time. Remember the “Person of Interest” TV series showing the villainous machine called Samaritan? Yes, Hollywood often makes AI look terrible. But when it comes to mobile app development, AI is a revolutionary technology. Specifically, AI apps can prove to be a market differentiator by providing a more engaging and enhanced customer experience.

With the integration of Artificial Intelligence into modern mobile applications, the entire user experience is getting richer. But, AI integration into apps is not a magic wand, and as pointed out in a Reddit conversation, it needs enough research, or you might end up annoying your consumers.

AI app development is in great demand. According to Statista, the AI development market is set to surge up to $126 billion by 2025, with Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Samsung being the top tech giants with the most AI-based patents.

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