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You probably take your web browser for granted, but you have real options: Performance, feature sets, and privacy tools vary wildly among internet-surfing apps.

Popular news sites finish loading up to 3x faster in Brave.

This video shows actual, unedited screen recordings of popular news sites loading in Brave, Firefox and Chrome. Each test was done on fresh browser installs with all cache cleared between tests.

Screens were time-synced based on the enter button press, and stopped when loading indicators report that page load is complete.

Download Brave here

Speed: Brave Browser

Brave is the safest, fastest web browser ever created - for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and Linux. Brave blocks ads and trackers, out of the box. Nothing else to install or configure

Privacy: Brave Browser

Brave blocks ads by default (unlike Chrome, which requires a 3rd-party extension such as AdBlock).
Brave blocks 3rd-party tracking by default.
On Chrome, mega-advertisers like Google and Facebook use 3rd-party cookies to track your browsing on nearly every website.
By blocking 3rd-party cookies, Brave limits the amount of data Facebook, Google, and other ad networks can collect about your browsing habits.
Brave stores all your browsing data locally on your computer, which means you can delete it at any time.
Brave supports Tor browsing, making it the first all-purpose browser to do so.

No More Pre-Roll Ads


Download Brave here

Brave and edge chromium wins two rounds by narrow margins. Surprise surprise is google chrome which lags a lot when compared to other browsers. As a long term user of google chrome its hard to believe that it is slower than the rest. Probably deleting history and cache had taken a toll on chrome browser’s speed.

Finally it all comes to personal preference. Personally I have started using Brave!

Which browser do you use? Do leave a comment.

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Brave, Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Edge: Which is Better and Faster?
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