The hype around serverless architecture have been buzzing for the last 3 years. It comes as a result of the rising popularity of cloud computing, where providers like Google, Microsoft and Amazon have raised the abstraction level when deploying software. Now, Function as a Service (FaaS), provider needs one thing: your code, in a bare-bones fashion, no binaries needed.

The main criticism the cloud providers get is portability and fear of “lock-in” in FaaS solutions. A function written for Amazon Lambda looks nothing like one written for Azure Functions, and Google Cloud Functions is different again. Some languages are not available at your provider of choice, making the threshold of getting started even higher. If you haven’t moved to the cloud at all, running some kind of serverless solutions has also proven hard.

OpenFaaS is an open source serverless platform that leverages container technology to make sure that your functions can run anywhere: Your laptop, your on-premise hardware, your cluster in the cloud, your spare Raspberry Pis or a mix of all of it. OpenFaaS can also manage your microservices that haven’t been split up into functions yet.

This talk will give a brief introduction to the key-features of OpenFaaS, and show how you’re company can leverage serverless and FaaS, even if you haven’t moved to the cloud yet.


OpenFaaS: Serverless platform with no strings attached? - Andreas Mosti - NDC Oslo 2020
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