When we talk about scaling we should always question ourselves and get the answer to the questions below.

What to Scale ?
When to Scale ?
How to Scale ?

Autoscaling is one of the key features in the Kubernetes cluster. It is a feature in which the cluster is capable of increasing the number of _pods/nodes _as the demand for service response increases and decreases the number of pod/nodes as the requirement decreases.

Let’s cover up the three-way of autoscaling can be done in Kubernetes.

Horizontal Pod Autoscaler — HPA

As the name implies, HPA scales the quantity of pod replicas.Most DevOps use CPU and memory because the triggers to scale additional pod replicas or less.

High-level HPA workflow

HPA WorkFlow


  • Kubernetes Cluster (I tested with 1.10.11 via KOPS on AWS)
  • Resource limit set in deployment (check the default YAML file attached for reference)
  • Metric Server installed

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Horizontal Pod Autoscaler in Kubernetes
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