Both Xamarin and Flutter are important stakeholders in the all-important cross-platform mobile app development market. Before Flutter came into the market, another important player was React Native since Flutter came into the market it has made rapid strides and is now a very important player.

To cope up with the demand for building apps for iOS and Android, which are two different sets of technologies, cross-platform solutions became a necessity.

Origin –
Flutter is from the stables of Google, a name that speaks for itself and needs no introduction to anyone even remotely connected with mobile and computers. Since 2017, Flutter has been making rapid strides and is scaling newer heights every day. Although Xamarin was created in 2011, it was acquired by Microsoft in 2016 and was made a part of Microsoft Visual Studio.

Programming Language –
A cross-platform mobile app development technology is essential to create and make operational a single programming language for both iOS as well as Android. Flutter uses DART whose syntax is easily understandable by JavaScript developers since it is compatible with most of the important object-oriented concepts.

Dart has an easy to follow documentation procedure. Since Xamarin has been using C# since its inception, which is also a popular language, therefore transformation to the cross-platform app is smooth only for C# developers with Xamarin.

Architecture –
Choosing the technical architecture is an important task for developing a cross-platform mobile app. Since Flutter uses the Dart framework where most of its components are inbuilt, much larger, it is much easier to communicate with native modules. With Cupertino and Material design, it is much easier to develop mobile apps with Dart.

The Skia ++ engine used by Dart has all the requisite compositions and channels. On the other hand, Xamarin has a mono execution environment as well as Swift runtime support, which still has much to be answered. Xamarin is not compatible with Kotlin, which is an official runtime for iOS and Android apps development.

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Xamarin Vs Flutter – A Complete Comparison
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