In this tutorial, we will see What is process.env in Node.js | Environment Variables in Node.js. Working with environment variables is the great way to configure different configurations of your  Node.js application. Many cloud hosts like  Heroku, Azure,  AWS,, etc. uses node environment variables. Node.js modules are using environment variables. Hosts, for example, will set the PORT variable that specifies on which port the server should listen to work properly. Modules might have the different behaviors (like logging) depending on the value of the NODE_ENV variable.

What is process.env in Node.js

The Node injects the process.env global variable at runtime in our app to use, and it represents the state of the system environment of our app when it starts. For example, if the system has the PATH variable set, this will be made accessible to you through the process.env.PATH variable which you can use to check where binaries are located and make external calls to them if required.

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What is process.env in Node.js | Environment Variables in Node.js
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