This medium article focusses on the detailed walkthrough of the steps I took to solve the challenge lab of the Perform Foundational Infrastructure Tasks in Google Cloud Skill Badge on the Google Cloud Platform (Qwiklabs). I got access to this lab in the Google Cloud Ready Facilitator Program. Thanks to Google!

Till now, I have completed over 100 labs and 23 quests on Qwiklabs.

This lab is only recommended for students who have completed the labs in the Getting Started: Create and Manage Cloud Resources skill badge. This challenge lab tests the skills of the student from the Baseline Data, ML and AI quest. Are you up for the challenge? Let’s go!

Checkpoints or Challenge Scenario

There are four checkpoints in this challenge lab, all of which are necessary to pass in order to get the skill badge. The four checkpoints are given below:

  1. Running a simple DataFlow job on Google Cloud.
  2. Running a simple DataProc job on Google Cloud.
  3. Running a simple DataPrep job on Google Cloud.
  4. Performing the three Google ML backed API tasks on Google Cloud.


Perform Foundational Data, ML and AI Tasks in Google Cloud: Challenge Lab Tutorial
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