If you are using Node for development then you indeed use Node Package Manager (NPM) for installing, upgrading, configuring, and removing packages. But when you just say npm, it means a lot of things. it may refer to,

  • The default  Node.js package manager which lets developers share modules.
  • An NPM registry, an online database for both public and private packages where developers can download/upload packages.
  • A command-line client which lets developers interacting with NPM registry.
  • The company npm, Inc, that hosts and maintains all of the above.

NPM repository

http://npmjs.org is a repository where the node packages are maintained. Node packages such as **moment **can be searched here and installed by using NPM CLI.

You can also add your custom packages for free. But it will be available to anyone. If you need to keep your packages private then there is a paid plan also available.


There is no need to install NPM separately as it is now bundled with Node out of the box. You can verify the npm version by running below command

npm -v

or to upgrade the latest NPM using NPM itself.

npm install npm@latest -g

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A Beginner’s Introduction to NPM
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