3 Important Image Processing Operations You must Know as a ML Engineer

In this article, you will learn how to perform basic Image Processing Operations in Python using OpenCV.

Table of Content:

**· **Introduction to Technologies Used in this Tutorial

**· **Installation of OpenCV

**∘ **Windows

**∘ **macOS

**∘ **Linux

**· **3 basic Digital Image Processing Using Python and OpenCV With Examples and Code included

**· **Creating a Custom Image by Using Python Code OpenCV

**· **Take 2 images, crop some part of both the images and swap them

**· **Take 2 images and combine them to form a single image.

**· **Conclusion

**· **Github Project Link

Introduction to Image Processing:

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how we can perform image processing using the Python language. We are not going to restrict ourselves to a single library or framework; however, there is one that we will be using the most frequently, the Open CV library.

Many applications use images, and with this, there is usually a need to process the images used. If you are building your application with Python and need to add image processing features to it, there are various libraries you could use. Some popular ones are OpenCV.

We will start by talking a little about image processing and then we will move on to see different applications/scenarios where image processing can come in handy. So, let’s begin!

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How to Perform Digital Image Processing in Python Using OpenCV Module
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