The Most Popular Flutter Ogin Screen Components

1.Login Minimalist flutter

Login minimalist using framework flutter.

Login Minimalist flutter

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2.Flutter login signup

The app design is based on Login/Register Design designed by Frank Arinze.Basic login and signup screen designed in flutter

Flutter login signup

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3.Flutter Login

Provides login screen with login/signup functionalities to help speed up development
FlutterLogin is a ready-made login/signup widget with many animation effects to demonstrate the capabilities of Flutter.
Flutter Login

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4.Reflectly Like Login Page

Inspired by Reflectly Login Screen Page in Flutter App.

Reflectly Like Login Page

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5.A Flutter / Firebase login screen

A basic login/register screen that can be used as a template for future Flutter projects.
A simple flutter/dart based login-screen that connects with Firebase Auth to enable users to sign-in/up with Email or through Facebook.
It’s created as a template that I or you can use in upcoming projects instead of having to reinvent the wheel over and over again.

A Flutter / Firebase login screen

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A very simple Login Page made with Flutter Web.


  • Any Operating System (ie. MacOS X, Linux, Windows)
  • Any IDE with Flutter WEB installed (ie. IntelliJ, Android Studio, VSCode etc)
  • A little knowledge of Dart and Flutter
  • A brain to think 🤓🤓

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7.Flutter Simple Login Example

A simple login example using only TextFields and TextEditingControllers
A new flutter demo application built to show users how to construct a simple login page with only the use of Text Fields and TextEditingControllers, and without the user of a built-in Form.

Here is an example of the application in action:
Flutter Simple Login Example

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8.Login Screen UI

This repository demonstrates use of various widgets in flutter and tricks to create beautiful UI elements in flutter for Android and IOS
The purpose of this repository is to demonstrate the use of different widgets and tricks in flutter and how to use them in your project. To know whats under the hood please checkout my blog on how this is crafted

Login Screen UI

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9.Flutter Login Screen with Firebase Auth and Facebook Login

Jumpstart your Flutter app development with this pre-built Flutter starter kit. Don’t reinvent the wheel by writing the boring boilerplate starter code. Jump straight into the action and focus strictly on your core app features.

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Instaflutter Onboarding is a fully functional app that provides Flutter developers with a coded template for their projects. It has a great number of popular features:

  • Firebase Auth integration
  • Login with Facebook
  • Login with e-mail & password
  • Persistent Login Credentials
  • Visual Error Handling
  • Firebase Firestore integration
  • Logout Functionality


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10.Flutter Login Screens

A collection of Screens and attractive UIs built with Flutter ready to be used in your applications. No external libraries are used. Just download, add to your project and use.

Flutter Login Screens

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11.Flutter Login Home Animation

A new open-source Flutter project that enables the developer to quickly get started with the Flutter animation and application development. Here’s a GIF that shows a Flutter app that I created.

This project contains the basic features of Flutter Animation that are required to build an amazing Flutter application.

Flutter Login Home Animation

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12.Login UI

A clean and simple login UI screen with a basic hero animation in Flutter, a mobile sdk framework by Google.

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The Most Popular Flutter Ogin Screen Components
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