It’s no secret that deep learning is amazing. For the past eight years, the deep learning revolution has taken hold of computing and made technologies we thought might never be possible a daily reality.

But isn’t actualising deep learning beyond the capabilities of anyone without big company backing, a research team, or a statistics PhD? How can regular machine learning engineers and developers take those cutting edge algorithms from the R&D labs and put them into production?

Deep Learning Design Patterns is here to help. It presents deep learning models in a unique-but-familiar new way: as extendable design patterns you can easily plug-and-play into your software projects.

This accessible, jargon-lite book is written by Andrew Ferlitsch, an expert on computer vision and deep learning at Google Cloud AI Developer Relations. Andrew’s whole career is based around making deep learning accessible to everyday developers, and that’s just what his book does.

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Deep Learning Design Patterns
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