Why Cloud Computing is Important in Data Science?

Imagine a small company that wants to use data analytics to improve their services and gain an edge over their competitors. This company generates some data but it also accesses data from third-party sources to obtain insights. But the question is how to take advantage of this data? After all, this small company is no Google or Facebook! It doesn’t have the resources of financial capabilities to store large amounts of data in local servers for data analysis. So Cloud Computing acts as the savior! Even before this company can use Data Science, it has to focus on Cloud Computing first.


But are you wondering what is the role of cloud computing in this? How is it important for Data Science? We’ll get to that in this article but first, let’s see what cloud computing is!

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing allows companies to access different computing services like databases, servers, software, artificial intelligence, data analytics, etc. over the internet, which is called the cloud in this case. These companies can run their applications on the best data centers in the world with minimal costs. This also ensures that small companies or those in emerging economies can use this technology for ambitious and complex projects that would otherwise be quite costly. And this is true in the domain of Data Science as well. Cloud Computing has made Data Analytics and Data Management much simpler for Data Scientists. Let’s see how!

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Why Cloud Computing is Important in Data Science? - GeeksforGeeks
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