There is a surprisingly limited number of resources online that detail the process of setting up mapbox-gl and mapbox-gl-directions in a React app (at least for beginners). Uber’s react-map-gl library works well in that it serves as a wrapper for the core Mapbox API, but this library does not include built-in functionality for utilizing the Mapbox Directions API. Displaying routes with this library would require creating custom layers. The Mapbox website has steps for utilizing mapbox-gl in a React app here, but there does not appear to be similar tutorials for the Mapbox Directions API. The majority of tutorials focus on using Mapbox and Mapbox Directions in a static index.html file. For those who are interested in building a React app with Mapbox but unsure how to proceed, this article will serve as a guide for getting started.

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Integrating ReactJS, Mapbox, and Mapbox Directions
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