Bootstrap 5 is out.

I’ve seen the headline “Bootstrap 5 released” at least 6 times in recent months - but this time it’s not an Alpha or a Beta version but a stable release.

Stable basically means that it is safe to use in production environments.

You can see the summary of all the releases & changes here - 3 alpha & 3 beta versions.

Bootstrap is so popular nowadays that only a day after the v5 release there is already a 1.5 tutorial for it…

Now - I would like to know your opinion, how long will it take for the industry to accept it as a standard?

v5 is clearly superior, mostly because its no longer dependent on jQuery & uses plain JS instead. Still - it took a while for most developers to drop the v3 after the v4 release. What are your bets this time? Are you planning to learn it at all?

Bootstrap 5 STABLE is out
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