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What is SignalR?
SignalR is an open-source software library used to send asynchronous notifications to client-side applications. The library includes both server-side and client-side components.

SignalR works great in any kind of web application, but the best use cases are generally applications that need dynamically changing real-time data to be presented in the UI.

For example, collaborative apps, dashboards, messaging apps, and games.

Why do we need SignalR?
In recent years, a lot of changes have happened in web applications. Users expect applications to show real-time changes faster. They also expect applications to deliver real-time information without the need to refresh the browser. For instance, dynamically changing stock share prices, election results, and so on.

Most web applications have server and client-side communications for data sharing, streaming, and security purposes. During these communications, we face congestion (traffic) while transferring data from the client to the server.

Fortunately, there are many technical solutions to overcome this issue. They are:

Server-sent events
Long polling
These three solutions are combined and available as SignalR. By default, the SignalR core works by trying the above methods in order to find the best transfer protocol. When it finds the best method, it establishes the connection through that transfer method. Most modern browsers support WebSocket, which is the best method in SignalR.

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Get Real-Time Updates in Blazor WebAssembly Apps with SignalR Communication
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