This is a short overview of features added to  Fusion over the last 3 months. Some of them are already covered in the  Tutorial; I’ll definitely describe the rest soon.

  1. CommandR (which challenges  MediatR 😎) and  Operations Framework — two parts that make multi-host state sync possible. Yes, now you can scale Fusion services to multiple hosts, and it’s nearly as easy as for any other service. Check out how it works  on this animation. For the note, both components actually aren’t tied to Fusion, so you can use them for purposes other than distributed invalidation.
  2. Board Games — the most advanced Fusion sample so far. Play intro video there to see what it can do. Blazor Server and WASM modes, 2 games, chat, online presence, OAuth sign-in, user session tracking, and a number of other 100% real-time features. All of this is powered by Fusion and just 35 lines of code related to real-time updates!

#realtime #blazor #dotnet #signalr

Fusion: More of Impossible Is Possible!
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