In this video I show you how to build Zelda in JavaScript using the Kaboom.js library in my code editor of choice. If you are new to Kaboom I would suggest watching the full course where I explain each method before diving in to the game creating, visit

In the full course I use a preconfigured environment to code Zelda. In this tutorial I create the game from scratch using my code editor of choice.

Final code here:


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:08 Coding starts
  • 5:43 Layers and sprites
  • 17:55 Placing sprites on the first level
  • 29:32 Passing score and levels
  • 34:41 Adding Link
  • 36:09 Keyboard events
  • 40:41 Moving between levels
  • 45:33 Dealing with enemies
  • 01:04:03 Final result

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How to Build Zelda in JavaScript using Kaboom.js
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