JavaScript shorthands can help you write more concise, efficient, and readable code. This article covers the top 10 JavaScript shorthands for beginners, including ways to declare variables, assign values, perform comparisons, and write conditional statements. It also includes shorthands for working with arrays, objects, and functions.

Whether you're just starting out with JavaScript or you're looking for ways to improve your code, these shorthands are a great place to start.

There are several JavaScript shorthands, however they don’t have an official reference guide. Some are really simple, while others are quite intimidating even for experienced developers. In this article, you can find 10 JavaScript shorthands for beginners with which you can start out with code optimization and write more concise code.

  1. Decimal numbers
  2. Increment, decrement
  3. Add, distract, multiply, divide
  4. Determine character position
  5. Declare variables in bulk
  6. Declare an associative array
  7. Declare an object
  8. Use the conditional operator
  9. Check presence
  10. Check absence

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Top 10 JavaScript Shorthands for Beginners
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