In September 1995, a Netscape programmer named Brendan Eich developed a new scripting language in just 10 days.

It was originally named Mocha, but quickly became known as LiveScript and, later, JavaScript.

Since its invention, JavaScript has evolved to be one of, if not the BIGGEST programming language in the world.

Every year, ECMA releases a new JavaScript version with new features. In this article, we’ll go through the best and most useful features that have been introduced in the last four years.


Rest/Spread Properties

One of the most interesting features added to ES2015 was the spread operator. This operator makes copying and merging arrays a lot simpler. Rather than calling the concat() or slice() method, you could use the ... operator:

JS code block showing how to use the spread operator (“…”) to merge 2 arrays

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The 8 Best JavaScript Features of the Last 4 Years
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