How would you feel if you knew that any part of your code was at most a few minutes away from being shippable and delivered into production? Emboldened and confident? Test driven development (TDD) gives you that feeling. TDD allows you to proceed with confidence that you’re building the right thing. It provides you with imminent horizons that you can meet and measure. TDD gives developers the confidence to work faster, secure in the knowledge that what they break they will be able to fix and improve.
In this talk, join Spring Developer Advocate Josh Long as he looks at how to test Spring applications and services. We’ll look at how to test basic components, mocks, how to take advantage of test slices, and how to test web applications. We’ll also look at how to ensure that API producers and API consumers work well together using consumer driven contract testing (CDCT) without sacrificing the testing pyramid for end-to-end integration tests.


Bootiful Testing, by Josh Long / JetBrains Technology Day for Java
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