Top 8 React Native Dropdown Libraries You Should Know

Explore the top 8 React Native dropdown libraries to help you create beautiful and interactive dropdown menus for your mobile apps. These libraries offer a wide range of features, such as customizable styles, animations, and interactions.

1. React Native Dropdown Picker

A single or multiple, searchable item picker (dropdown) component for react native which supports both Android & iOS.

"React Native Dropdown Picker"


  • Added multiple items feature.
  • Added searchable items feature.
  • Removed defaultIndex property.
  • Removed defaultNull property.
  • The defaultValue is state-friendly.
  • Added searchablePlaceholderTextColor property.
  • Added selectedLabelStyle property.
  • Added icon property for items.
  • The searchableError returns jsx.
  • Changed FlatList to ScrollView.
  • Added types file.

2.React Native Dropdown Autocomplete

Based on, the most significant advantage of this package among all others is that you can have multiple autocomplete’s on your page after following instructions below. Works on Android and IOS.

"React Native Dropdown Autocomplete"

3.React Native Drop Down Item

Simple drop down item component for react-native. This component supports drop down toggle with animation.

"React Native Drop Down Item"

4.React Native Picker Cascader

Picker select cascader dropdown developed in react native for Android and IOS

"React Native Picker Cascader"

5.React Native Material Dropdown

Material dropdown with consistent behaviour on iOS and Android


  • Easy to use
  • Consistent look and feel on iOS and Android
  • Customizable font size, colors and animation duration
  • Dynamic dropdown size and position
  • Configurable visible item count
  • RTL support
  • Pure javascript implementation

"React Native Material Dropdown"

6.React Native Searchable Dropdown

Searchable Dropdown to help you search with in the list (FlatList), and you can pick single item and multiple items.

"React Native Searchable Dropdown"

7.React Native Dropdown Menu

A <DropdownMenu> component for react-native ( iOS ). Easy to use.

"React Native Dropdown Menu"

8.React Native Dropdown

Simple DropDown menu for React Native App
React Native Dropdown is simple, customizable and easy to use dropdown in React Native. Works with both Android and IOS.

"React Native Dropdown"

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Top 8 React Native Dropdown Libraries You Should Know
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