Golang Linked List - Golang Data Structures
Today’s Golang tutorial video is all about the Linked List in the Go programming language. We will go through the reasons why and how the Linked List in Golang works in the most efficient way. So that you can fully understand the Data Structure in Go/Golang. Enjoy!

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0:00 Intro
3:17 What is it?
4:44 Linked List Methods Overview
8:27 Big O Notation
10:52 LinkedList vs Array
15:49 Node & Linked List Wrapper
18:31 Add() Method
24:42 String() Method
29:26 Get() Method

31:32 Remove() Method
39:26 Recap & Outro

#golang #golangdojo #golangninja

#golang #golangdojo #golangninja

Golang Linked List - Golang Data Structures
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