When you want to develop a product-ready mobile application, React Native is used. When it comes to hybrid development, people recalled react native as a future of hybrid development. React Native saves a huge amount of time for developers in the development process and gives enough compatibility to both Android and iOS.

Many people come with the article about React Native and why people love and use React Native so much. One of the main reasons behind the success of the React Native is, here developers can write code in cross platform. To make the most use of this technology, developers must have a wide amount of experience and knowledge in the field. Experienced and knowledgeable developers can avoid the mess up with JavaScript syntax. That mess up can negatively affect the app’s user experience.

If you are looking to develop a high quality application, React Native is the perfect choice for you. If you fully want to utilize the advantages of the framework, you must focus on the common mistakes to avoid it.

Today, In this Article, I will discuss the Common mistakes that you need to avoid while developing your React Native application.

Mistakes to Avoid When Developing React Native Apps

1.Wrong Estimation

Layout: In Android and iOS applications, Basic layout should be different.
Forms: You need to create the present estimation of validation layout, you need to write more codes when you are developing the application with React Native, compared to hybrid application.
Web Apps: You need to check the backend properly, you need to finalize the database structure.

2. Wrong Redux storage

When you are a developer, you need to handle the data properly and have close attention to the data. Redux helps debugging the application and it is a powerful tool for managing application and its data.

3. Left “console.log”

You might be aware of the use of the console log statements, it helps to debug the application. But it might be creating problems, if you add log statements within the application. Unsynchronized rendering logic leads to congestion in the JavaScript thread and it will slow down the application.

4. Not reading external modules’ codes

Developers generally save their time by using external modules. External modules come with the documentation, which makes the development tasks faster and easier.
But sometimes, modules break down and not perform as per the anticipated. That’s the reason why developers must follow one of the best practices of React Native development, developers need to read the code. Once developers understand the code, it is easier to identify the bugs and solutions.

5. Not optimizing React Native images

When you are doing application development with React Native, your priority tasks should be optimizing React Native images. By this approach you can resize the images as per your requirements and can upload images to the cloud storages.


Here I have some time limitations, So I only talked about the 5 most important mistakes that should be avoided. But, there are a series of other mistakes, when you are doing the development process, your target is to do the minimum number of mistakes. If you are looking to develop the React Native based project, Contact the React Native Development Company and Hire React Native Developer. Those developers have enough experience and knowledge about the mistakes that should not be repeated in the development process.

Mistakes To Avoid When Developing React Native App.
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