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As I was starting out with Github, I always wondered that how can people get to learn about markdown? It seemed to me, like completely whole alien’s language using “#” or “##”. I thought I would never be able to learn this language, at least not in this life. Who knew I was going to be wrong. If you are like me and you think that you too can’t learn Github markdown syntax, you might be wrong. So, in this article, we will learn about Github markdown syntax and what is markdown in general. So, let’s start.

What is Markdown?

Before we start learning anything, we must know what it is. Markdown is a lightweight markup language that we can use to add formatting to a plain-text document on the web. We can transform the text to italic, bold, or underlined and we can create lists, links, and heading using alpha-numeric characters like ‘*’ and ‘#’. Sometimes, we also use markdown as a utility to convert the files into HTML(Hyper-text markup language).

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Github Markdown Cheat Sheet
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