This  Laravel Themer package adds multi-theme support to your Laravel application. It also provides a simple authentication scaffolding and presets for Bootstrap, Tailwind, Vue, and React as a starting point for building a Laravel application.

In my opinion, this Laravel Themer package is a better alternative to the official laravel/ui & laravel/breeze packages because of the following features:

  • Any number of themes
  • Fallback theme support (WordPress style); It allows creating a child theme to extend any theme
  • Provides authentication scaffolding similar to laravel/ui & laravel/breeze
  • Exports all auth controllers, tests, and other files similar to laravel/breeze
  • Provides frontend presets for Bootstrap, Tailwind, Vue 2, Vue 3, and React

If you don’t want to use this package’s auth scaffolding, instead, you want to use Laravel Fortify, no problem with that. You can use Laravel Themer with Fortify as well. Laravel Fortify is a frontend agnostic authentication backend for Laravel, and it does not provide views or frontend presets. So, use Fortify for backend authentication and Laravel Themer for your views, presets, and for multi-theme support.

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Laravel Themer Package: Add Multi-theme Support for Laravel Application
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