Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) today go beyond human capabilities of being never getting bored, tired, and continuously learning and improving. Initially, in the development of AI, researchers only realized the power and possibility of machines that understand the meaning and nuances of human speech. The technology is often considered as the ability of a machine to learn and solve cognitive problems. Many businesses are increasingly investing in the latest digital technologies, including AI, but they are not necessarily cracking their trapped value for their growth.

In scientific methodology and laboratory interconnectivity, AI is perceived to mimic human reasoning as well as use it as a model to supplement and augment human observation and decision processes. AI has the potential to grasp the meaning of simple language and speak back to users, but it is restrained by its literal interpretations of human questions. In general, a computer can know the definition of a word, but it doesn’t comprehend the meaning of words within a larger context.

Today, researchers are training AI algorithms to construe available data and specified criteria to meet business objectives and drive operational decision making. However, as AI is going beyond human cognition, humans need to distinguish between a machine and another human in conversation; otherwise the machine will exceed the human intelligence level.

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Harnessing the Power of AI and the Hidden Language
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