What are the types of Conversational AI for Payment?

The environment of financial transactions is rapidly shifting as a result of the rise of digital payments. Critical technologies including speech recognition, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) enable conversational artificial intelligence (AI). It simplifies tasks and enhances customer satisfaction in programs like virtual assistants and chatbots.



Chatbots, messaging apps, and websites commonly include these text-based AI assistants. Users can contact them using text messaging, which gives them the ability to:

Using the chat interface, send money straight to friends, family, or businesses.

Split bills: Splitting bills among friends or coworkers in a group chat is a simple way to make payments easier after similar situations.
Manage accounts: See past transactions, check account balances, or get account details.

Receive customer support: Chatbots may handle basic problems, provide answers to commonly requested questions, and route customers with difficult inquiries to real customer support agents.

Voice Assistants:

These voice-activated intelligent agents can be found in mobile devices or smart speakers. People can make use of them to

Initiate payments: Pay people or companies through voice activation, frequently by stating the amount and recipient.

Manage bills and subscriptions: Use voice commands to set up automated payments, pay bills, and manage regular subscriptions.

Access financial information: Use voice commands to check account balances, get transaction histories, or request particular financial information.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems:

These automated phone systems lead callers through self-service alternatives using voice recognition and pre-recorded messages. Advances in conversational AI can improve IVRs by

Understanding natural language: The ability for users to communicate organically rather than limited by keywords enhances the user experience.

Personalizing the experience: The IVR can provide customized advice and suggestions based on user input and previous conversations.

Resolving complex queries: IVRs can now answer more complicated queries due to advanced AI, which can automatically direct users to the right resources or human operators.

To sum up, conversational AI changes payment processes and promises increased customization, security, and simplicity. Bitdeal promotes this progress as a leader in AI development by providing solutions that can be easily integrated into the current payment systems.

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