WinZO's Role in Shaping a Global Gaming Revolution

The Gaming Industry in the World

With 5 billion Winzo games downloaded in 2021 and a 14% year-over-year growth, the mobile gaming industry has been seeing exponential growth worldwide. With over 300 million new smartphone users in the world, 80% of them are from non-metro cities, marking their first exposure to the digital landscape.

The Great Problem of Gaming in the World: Monetization

Game developers and global studios have found the global market, including the World, less financially rewarding. This can be explained by the fact that the ARPU of mobile games globally is very low due to the audience's aversion to in-app purchases (less than 1% globally), freemium income methods, and ineffective ad monetization. 

However, many International Game Studios have found it difficult to solve the challenge of all the developing markets. 

WinZo’s Rise

WinZO recognized a significant opportunity and aimed to revolutionize the gaming landscape with a monetization model that could generate 100 times more revenue for entrepreneurs. WinZO is a vernacular esports gaming platform that collects games and turns them into multiplayer experiences through microtransactions. At the moment, WinZO is a top choice for foreign game studios because it offers more than 70 games in more than ten regional languages.

The Solution to the Monetization Problem

WinZO identified and addressed the industry's monetization challenges by innovatively collaborating with game developers. In early 2019, it set up a fund of $1.5 million to promote the game development ecosystem in a specific booming gaming industry country through investments in Studios and onboarding content from the developers. Both large and small creators from throughout the nation were drawn to this announcement, and in the month after its first release, WinZO received over 170 games.

Inspired by this fund's enormous success, WinZO decided to scale it up and provide a solution for independent developers as well as Global Studios. Recently launched, the WinZO Game Developers Console is an in-house product serving as a central hub for game studios and indie developers worldwide. This platform enables developers to seamlessly submit their games to WinZO for inclusion, providing real-time monitoring of their games' daily performance once they are engaged on the WinZO platform.

After a successful review and integration into WinZO, entrepreneurs gain indirect exposure to millions of users. With WinZO's premium paying user base, these games quickly start earning revenue as soon as they go live on the app.

After just one week of its launch, the console has garnered significant attention from developers, who have responded with over 500 global registrations. Turkish 3D game developer Abdelilah Reguiga, who works with WinZO, said.

In the gaming content economy, WinZO's Developer's Console serves as a powerful tool, enabling developers to consistently provide excellent content. This meets the surging demand from global users, driven by the expanding mobile and internet infrastructure. 


In summary, WinZO stands at the forefront of the global gaming revolution, addressing and overcoming the monetization challenges faced by game developers and studios worldwide. With 5 billion game downloads in early 2021 and 14% YoY growth, it's reshaping the mobile gaming landscape. Recognizing the need for change, WinZO's vernacular esports platform, supported by the innovative Game Developers Console, empowers creators worldwide. Winzo Clone Script provides a winning formula for success and expands the gaming industry for the customization option.

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