Lightweight Touchable Angular Whiteboard Library


Lightweight angular whiteboard Demo


  • Supports touch.
  • Custom colors.
  • Custom background colors. Thanks to Nader Magdy
  • Custom background images.
  • Custom stroke size.
  • Save drawn as (svg | png | jpeg) images.
  • Experimental (undo-redo).

And more to come


  1. Install npm module:

    npm install ng-whiteboard --save
  2. Add the module to your project

    import { NgWhiteboardModule } from 'ng-whiteboard';
        imports: [
  3. Insert the Whiteboard Component element in the html.



Input Type Default Required Description
[color] string #000000 no Set brush color
[backgroundColor] string #ffffff no Set whiteboard background color
[size] string 5px no Set brush size
[linejoin] string round no Define the shape of two lines when joined together (‘miter’ , ‘round’ , ‘bevel’ , ‘miter-clip’ , ‘arcs’)
[linecap] string round no Define start and end shape of line (‘butt’, ‘square’ , ‘round’)
[whiteboardOptions] WhiteboardOptions no Object of all inputs


Name Description
(init) Fired on Component initialize
(save) Fired on Saving, include base64
(clear) Fired on clearing
(erase) Fired on Cleaning
(undo) Fired on undoing last draw
(redo) Fired on Repainting last draw


Name ARGS Defaults Description
save [name]: string, [format]: string [name]: ‘New image’, [format]: ‘png’ Save current board
erase null null Clean the whiteboard
undo null null Undo last line
redo null null Repaint last line
addImage image: (string; ArrayBuffer) null add images to the board

to use these Methods inject NgWhiteboardService in your project

import { NgWhiteboardService } from 'ng-whiteboard';

  selector: 'app-root',
  templateUrl: './app.component.html',
   styleUrls: ['./app.component.scss']

  constructor(private whiteboardService: NgWhiteboardService) {;


The project is open for contributors! Please file an issue or make a PR:)

Download Details:

Author: mostafazke

Live Demo:


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Lightweight Touchable Angular Whiteboard Library
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