Visual search is changing the face of eCommerce. An average human brain processes images more easily than descriptive information. Recent research by HubSpot shows that 32% of sellers believe product photographs are the most crucial content for their eCommerce store. Also, social media posts that include multiple images have a 150% chance of increasing their CTR.

And speaking of images, well, you need to step into the buyer’s shoes! How likely are you to buy a product with just a description of it and not even a single photograph paired along? Buyers generally look for a visually attractive eCommerce listing that provides them the experience of a brick and mortar store. Visual search-friendly eStore with exceptional product images is what makes an impact.

Customers tend to focus more on the images rather than reading about the product before making a purchase. This calls for highly efficient photographs that are visually attractive as well as optimized. Businesses can always hire product image editing service providers to help save the extra hours on editing and retouching pictures, and focus on the core tasks instead.

Recent studies suggest that 27% of online searches in the United States have been made on Google images. Visual search is slowly taking over the conventional “word” search. In response to the increasing popularity of visual search, online retailers are advised to take advantage of it and make their eStores more findable.

Here are some tips on how you can optimize your product images to make them more visual search friendly:

Alt Tags At Work

Acting as a description of your images for the search engine, alt tags help your image connect to the right customer. An SEO optimized alt tag can help your images rank higher in the search results, leading to improved visibility of your eCommerce store.

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How To Make Sure Your eStore Is Visual Search Friendly
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