Deploying a static Angular Universal App on Google Cloud? Choose the right service. Enrich your steps and deploy with more joy.

Meet Pareto’s law: 20% effort → 80% results

I got 80% satisfying results after applying steps of a deployment guide. To get 20% more satisfaction, I had to put 80% more effort. I met Pareto’s law in the cloud! Your guide might not be complete. Here’s what you need to know.

Symbolic view of Pareto Law in deploying Angular app in Google Cloud

Photo by Raimond Klavins on Unsplash

First lets see what problems I encountered. Later on, we will fix it.

➡️ Don’t use Application Engine if you are not lazy

Just enter “deploy angular app on google cloud” in google search. You will notice that most articles describe how to deploy an Angular app on Application Engine. This is the most common way to deploy an Angular app on Google Cloud Platform.Yes, for the lazy guys it’s a perfect platform, you just deploy, and it’s taking care of things you don’t want to think about. The other part of the coin is that you have to accept how it is configured. A cold start of my simple app took more than 4 seconds. There goes my impatient user, he clicks away.So, I switched to another Google Cloud service which gave me more freedom in configuration: Google Cloud Run.

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How To Deploy an Angular App on Google Cloud
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