In this video we walk through building a simple game using the python programming language. This is a great exercise to apply your python skills in a fun way. We use the pygame library in this video. A video outline will be posted in the comment section. If you want to review any of the topics covered in this video, there are links below to all of my python tutorial videos.

Video outline!
0:00​ - Introduction
1:10​ - Pygame Installation
2:57​ - Creating a blank screen
4:40​ - Making the game loop (+handling quit event)
7:46​ - Drawing a rectangle
13:57​ - Moving the rectangle with keypresses
20:10​ - Blocks dropping from the sky
27:59​ - Setting the frames per second rate (FPS)/Controlling speed of falling blocks
31:14​ - Detecting Collisions
41:13​ - Multiple enemies falling from sky (lists)
54:10​ - Adding additional features (score, increasing difficulty, background/player colors)

Source code!…



How to Program a Game in Python
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