Python is a weird programming language.

At least when you come from other languages like C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, or JavaScript. All of these languages follow a common syntax and share many of their concepts. While you can find most concepts in Python as well, it chooses to break the norm on many of them, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Of the top five programming languages in the TIOBE ranking, Python is the only one that doesn’t use the C-style curly bracket syntax.

I have been working on turning my Raspberry Pi into a webcam, and I had to implement the server in Python because the best API to interface with the Pi’s camera is written in it. I have used Python a few times before, but this was one of the bigger projects I did with it, and I quickly remembered some of its weird quirks as well as discovered new ones.

  • 1. Whitespaces
  • 2. Syntax
  • 3. Class Variables
  • 4. No Pointer and Reference Transparency
  • 5. Private Class Members
  • 6. Self vs. this
  • 7. Multiple Return Values
  • 8. No Strong Data Types
  • 9. No Constants

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9 Reasons Why Python Is Weird For C++ Developers
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