Needless to say, budget presented every year draws attention from all corners of the country. This surely remains a hot topic for quite some time and the progress with respect to what has been promised is kept an eye on, undoubtedly. This time too, the budget garnered attention of many. Be it the agricultural sector, education, technology or healthcare, a lot has been said and promised. But what seems to have stood out from the rest is the discussion pertaining to Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

Even before the budget was presented, a lot was already been said and speculated about how much importance should be given to AI and analytics. Some were of the opinion that in order to accelerate Research and Development and technology, setting up of robotics centres of excellence, incubation centres, continued research grants for robotics R&D and continuation of income tax deduction could be the key drivers. Also, warehouse automation should be given importance to as it ultimately leads to an increase in customer traction.

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What Budget 2021 has in Store for Artificial Intelligence
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