In this article, we discuss what workload analysis and running queries can teach us about the performance differences in JSON, indexing, and concurrency.


In the Arctype Community, we answer a lot of questions about database performance, especially between Postgres and MySQL. Performance is a vital yet complex task when managing a database. It can be affected by the configuration, the hardware, or even the design of the system. Interestingly, both PostgreSQL and MySQL are configured with compatibility and stability but depend on our database design’s hardware infrastructure.

Not all relational database management systems (RDBMS) are created equal. Although PostgreSQL (or Postgres) and MySQL share some similarities, they also have unique qualities that make one a better choice over the other in specific situations. We discussed a lot of these differences in a previous post. Still, in terms of performance, they have a lot of differences.

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Performance Differences Between Postgres and MySQL
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