Craft Exceptional Web Experiences with AMP Web Component Framework

AMP is a web component framework for easily creating user-first websites, stories, ads, emails and more.

AMP is an open source project, and we'd love your help making it better!

Want to know more about AMP?

  • is the best place to learn more about AMP--and of course the site is made using AMP!
  • For developers using AMP, includes
    • guides and tutorials
    • examples
    • reference docs
    • example templates
    • tools to make using AMP easier

Having a problem using AMP?

  • The Support page has resources for getting help.
  • Use Stack Overflow to ask questions about using AMP and find answers to questions others have asked.
  • Let us know about bugs, and file feature requests to suggest improvements.
  • AMP accepts responsible security disclosures through the Google Application Security program.

Want to help make AMP better?

  • docs/ has information on how you can help improve AMP, including ongoing participation through Slack, weekly design reviews, etc.
  • We strongly encourage code contributions!
  • We enthusiastically welcome new contributors to AMP even if you have no experience being part of an open source project. We've made it easy to get started contributing.
  • Consider joining one of AMP's Working Groups, where most of the day-to-day work in AMP gets done.

Other useful information

  • AMP's release documentation provides details on how and when AMP releases new versions, including how to know when a change is live in a release.
  • AMP's roadmap provides details on some of the significant projects we are working on.
  • The AMP meta repository has information about the AMP open source project, including AMP's governance.
  • AMP's code of conduct documents how all members, committers and volunteers in the community are required to act. AMP strives for a positive and growing project community that provides a safe environment for everyone.

Download Details:

Author: ampproject

Official Github: 

License: Apache-2.0 license


Craft Exceptional Web Experiences with AMP Web Component Framework
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