Password Management Application Created in Flutter


Flutter based Password Management Application.


You can upgrade Flutter by running the following command:

flutter upgrade

List devices

flutter devices


  • Current device:
flutter run
  • Web:
flutter run -d chrome
  • Mac OS:
flutter run -d macos


  • Android:
flutter build appbundle --target-platform android-arm,android-arm64,android-x64
flutter build apk --target-platform android-arm64
  • Web:
flutter build web
  • Mac OS:
flutter build macos


  • There is plugin called flutter_launcher_icons which can be used to create icons for Android, iOS automatically.

    • Install:

      • Add the following in pubspec.yaml

          flutter_launcher_icons: ^0.7.5
          image_path: "icons/icon.png"
          android: true
          ios: true
      • Run the following commands:

      flutter pub get
      flutter pub pub run flutter_launcher_icons:main

Firebase Configuration:

  • For Android:
    • Paste google-services.json inside project/firebase/android directory
  • For iOS:
    • Paste GoogleService-Info.plist inside project/firebase/ios directory
  • For Web:
    • Include Firebase config i.e. ‘firebase-init.js’ inside project/web/index.html
  • For Mac OS
    • Paste GoogleService-Info.plist inside project/macos/Runner directory and then open project in Xcode and drag the drag in Runner directory again.


  • [GoogleDataTransport] There was an error uploading events: Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=1 “Operation not permitted” UserInfo={_kCFStreamErrorCodeKey=1, _kCFStreamErrorDomainKey=1}

    • Open project/macos/Runner/DebugProfile.entitlements and add this key:
  • [GoogleSignIn] Google sign in crashes the app in IOS device

    • Open project/ios/Runner/Info.plist and add this key:
      <!-- Google Sign-in Section -->
            <!-- TODO Replace this value: -->
            <!-- Copied from GoogleService-Info.plist key REVERSED_CLIENT_ID -->
      <!-- End of the Google Sign-in Section -->
  • [GoogleSignIn] ppClientId != null “ClientID not set. Either set it on a tag, or pass clientId when calling init()”

    • Open Google Developers Credentials and find your OAuth 2.0 Web Client ID or create if not available.
    • Open project/web/index.html and add this meta tag:
    <meta name="google-signin-client_id"
        content="" />
  • [GoogleSignIn] Error: PlatformException(google_sign_in, idpiframe_initialization_failed, Not a valid origin for the client: ‘URL’ has not been whitelisted for client ID Please go to and whitelist this origin for your project’s client ID.)

  • [OAuth] Error 403: restricted_client This app is not yet configured to make OAuth requests. To do that, set up the app’s OAuth consent screen in the Google Cloud Console.

  • [OAuth] The identity provider configuration is disabled.

    • Go to your Project’s Authentication page in Firebase and then Make sure to enable Google in Authentication sign-in methods.

Download Details:

Author: jzorjnz

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Password Management Application Created in Flutter
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