In this Hands-On Webinar. We will start with a comprehensive understanding of how to deploy a deep learning model as a web application using the Flask framework.

Developing a machine learning or deep learning model is very important to solve problems using AI. On the other hand, it is equally important to have a knowledge of how to deploy those amazing problem-solving models into such an interface which enables the users to make use of these solutions. Even many apps we use today, like YouTube, Amazon/Flipkart shopping, FaceApps(which predict our gender or age) make use of machine learning and deep learning, and we are able to interact with them using a web interface. So we need to understand how to integrate the models with a web interface so that the users - be them programmers or non-programmers or any other common users - could easily interact and obtain the solutions from these well-trained and well-performing models.

In this project, we will understand how to develop a web interface using Flask for a pre-trained TensorFlow 2 model built for predicting the class of an input image.

  1. Skills you will develop:
  2. Flask Framework
  3. TensorFlow

#flask #tensorflow #python #web-development #webdev

How to Deploy an Image Classification Model using Flask
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