A React Native UI Component Camera view and an Album Selection View

react-native-full-image-picker It is a react native UI component including a camera view and an album selection view. You can take photos, take video recording or select photo from photo library.

It supports:

  • Take photos by camera.
  • Video recording.
  • Select photos from photo library.
  • Safe area for iPhone X.
  • Portrait and Landscape mode.
  • Multiple selection or capture mode.
  • Preview after capture or video recording.
  • Maximum count of photos.




Same UI on Android.


Install by Yarn:

yarn add react-native-full-image-picker

Install by NPM:

npm install --save react-native-full-image-picker

You should also install native code of these libraries:


First import in the file:

import * as ImagePicker from 'react-native-full-image-picker';

It has three method:

  • ImagePicker.getCamera(options): Take photo.
  • ImagePicker.getVideo(options): Video recording.
  • ImagePicker.getAlbum(options): Select from photo library.

options is a object with these settings:

  • callback: (data: any[]) => void: Callback method with photo or video array. Do not use Alert in it.
  • maxSize?: number: The maximum number of photo count. Valid in camera or video.
  • sideType?: RNCamera.Constants.Type: Side of camera, back or front. Valid in camera or video.
  • flashMode?: RNCamera.Constants.FlashMode: Flash mode. Valid in camera or video.

You can use react-native-general-actionsheet to show ActionSheet by same API and UI with ActionSheetIOS.

Change Label

You can import page and change defaultProps to modify labels globally:

import * as ImagePicker from 'react-native-full-image-picker';

ImagePicker.XXXPage.defaultProps.xxx = yyy;
ImagePicker.XXXView.defaultProps.xxx = yyy;

The XXXPage or XXXView is the export items of library. And you can see source code to modify its defaultProps value.

Download Details:

Author: gaoxiaosong

GitHub: https://github.com/gaoxiaosong/react-native-full-image-picker

#react-native #programming #reactjs

A React Native UI Component Camera view and an Album Selection View
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