Labelling image is the first and most significant part of object detection. Labelling is indeed a very time-consuming process, but the more dedication you will give in labelling images, the more accurate your model can be. In this story, I will be discussing the complete approach of labelling in detail. Finally, with this article, you will have your labelled data ready for your object detection model.

Here you will need a tool that is open source to label your data. To download the tool, follow the step below.

Downloading Labeling Tool

  • If you have Git installed in your machine in open Command Prompt in your device and type
git clone
  • If you don’t have Git installed then go to and download the zipped directory.
  • If you have downloaded directly via the link, then unzip your compressed .zip file.

Installing Dependencies

  • You need to enter into the “labelImg” folder using command prompt.

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  • After that, you need to install a library called “pyqt5”. Type the below command in your command prompt.

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How to Label Images for Object Detection, Step by Step
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