As the number of features in a web application increases, the Selenium automation tests also gradually increases! It is easy to be overwhelmed and get lost in the huge chunk of Selenium test automation scripts. But, not every test is created equal, some tests are more prone to an outage or at other times you need to focus on certain features.

These are a few Selenium test automation scenarios, where you might only run a few selective tests from a large test suite. In such cases, it is required that only those tests are triggered for execution. With pytest framework, you can support execution of all multiple test cases in a single file. You can also execute specific tests on the basis of custom markers or by grouping them on the basis of substring expression.

In this part of the Selenium Python tutorial series, I’ll take a look at the following areas related to automated browser testing with pytest framework.

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Pytest Tutorial: Executing Multiple Test Cases From Single File
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