Perfect-Things UI: A Complete Svelte UI Component Library


A set of simple, but perfect, UI components, written in Svelte (the only front-end framework worth learning).

Github pages site with docs


Install & Setup

Firstly, install the module as a dev dependency:

npm i -D @perfectthings/ui

Importing the CSS

You need to import the docs/ui.css into your bundle. There are many ways to do that. I specifically didn't use any css-to-js imports as these restrict the tools & the setup you may want to have.

The easiest way is probably to add a postinstall script into your package.json that will just copy the file into your dist folder:

"postinstall": "cp node_modules/@perfectthings/ui/docs/ui.css ./dist/ui.css"

From there - you can just add it directly to the index.html.

Svelte components

Just import them from the module, as normal:

import { Button } from '@perfectthings/ui';

Usage with SvelteKit

Available from v6.4.0..

1. Configs

Because this is a purely front-end framework and requires browser to work, it will not work with SSR so you need to disable it. Create a file: src/routes/+layout.js and add this:

export const ssr = false;

2. CSS

If you're using SvelteKit, you need to add the ui.css file to the static folder, and then either import it into your global.css file or add it to the head section of your app.html file:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="%sveltekit.assets%/ui.css" />

3. Svelte components

Once that's done, you can import the components as normal.


You need node & npm (obviously). Run these:

git clone perfectthings-ui
cd perfectthings-ui
npm i && npm start

A browser window should open with the demo of the components.


Download Details:

Author: Perfect-things
Source Code: 
License: GPL-3.0 license

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Perfect-Things UI: A Complete Svelte UI Component Library
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